Organic Beats

Organic Beats

Welcome to the

acoustic Paradise

of aerodice!

Aerodice is the organic beats band of the Hamburg/Berlin based didgeridoo artist Marius Beyer who collaborates with outstanding beatboxers like Nils Broszka (Footprint Project) Mando (4Xsample), Babeli, and other musicians.

Equipped with the ancient sound synthesizers didgeridoos and jawharps united with the art of human beatboxing – since 2009 Aerodice hypnotize and elevate the crowds across Europe with nothing other than their voices, mouths, lips, tongues and incredible energy like an erupting volcano.

It’s just unique: Inspired by world and electronical music like ambient, hiphop, drum´n´bass, dubstep, zoca, goa, house or techno,
their sound is 100% natural ORGANIC BEATS!

Aerodice combines various creative and virtuous components of music, acrobatics and entertainment and blends it into a unique show act. They performed on countless different stages from Fusion Festival to Porsche Pavillon.

Switching their styles, rhythms and tempos with ease — between meditative-hypnotic to high-energy danceable – their music is always a fresh potpourri of surprising and unexpected elements.

Aerodice´s concerts are enriched with spirit, laughter and happiness — a space where magic flows.

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