Organic Beats

Organic Beats


Festivals and Clubs:

Aerodice loves to play at festivals and in clubs. As a natural born live act, Aerodice' performance was formed in more than 10 years of festival and club gigs in the past years. →Booking 

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Organic Beats Solar Tour - O.B.S.T.

Marius is not only a musician. He also has a diploma degree in environmental sciences and is an environmental activist. He has grown up with the environmental movement.

In 2017 he founded the Organic Beats Solar Tour - O.B.S.T. (which means Fruits in German) – an international climate protection project, to fight climate change with music and renewable energies. The O.B.S.T. was i. a. awarded by the council for sustainability of the german government.

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Aerodice has a high reputation as showact in various environments. Either Varieté, private/company event or wedding – we offer an outstanding and unique performance for your event. →Booking



You organize a show, concert, a retreat, an event, workshop, and you want to incorporate a didgeridooplayer, a beatboxer or both? Talk to us! We are interested in your ideas. 


Workshops and Lessons:

Marius gives Didgeridoo workshops all over Europe, mainly in connection with a concert. See the tour for upcoming dates.

If you want to have private didgeridoo lessons, please contact me.

Handcrafted Didgeridoos

Buy a custom made Aerodice Didgeridoo. Marius constructed his first Didgeridoo at the age of 12. Over more than 20 years he has developed serious skills as a Didgeridoo crafter. On stage Marius mainly plays Didgeridoos which he built himself.  

All original Aerodice Didgeridoos are of the highest quality in design, manufacturing, and sound. 

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